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We Have Multi-series Laminating Machine for Your Choice!

Qomolangma Laminator's Advantages:

  1. Hand crank and electric lifting: compared with pneumatic lifting structure, the roll parallel setting is more stable, meet the needs of high end customers with high laminating quality request, and there are fewer after-sales problems;
  2. Rubber roller: the original raw rubber roller has good elasticity and durability compared with the recycled rubber;
  3. Mechanical installation: the sheet metal is cut by laser to ensure the correct installation of the mounting hole, so as to ensure that the unwind/rewind shaft is parallel and finishing lamination is without wrinkle and air-bubble;
  4. Electric wiring: the design of electrical structure is humanized and easy to operate.
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Why Laminate?

By laminating, you are protecting and preserving your print. This could be anything from a certificate awarded to children at school, to a vehicle wrap advertising your company on a fleet of vans.

Lamination also improves appearance by enhancing almost any type of printed materials. It deepens & brightens colors and improves contrast. Laminated materials also provide a higher quality finish, an important factor to so many businesses throughout the world as a professional looking brochure; leaflet or business card can improve a company’s image and help to generate more sales.

Determining the proper laminating machine is fairly simple

Read our buying guide to help you choose the best quality laminator, lamination film and lamination pouches for your needs.

Determine the right processing technology of lamination

Your lamination process is a key element in determining the correct laminator that you need to purchase. According to the materials you want to laminate, the capital budget you plan to invest, choose the right laminating processing.

Type Cold Laminator Hot Laminator Liquid Laminator
Working Principle Cold laminators are also known as pressure sensitive laminating machines. Using the cold press method to laminate a protective film on graphic surface is called Cold Lamination. It has rollers, but the rollers stay cold and instead apply pressure to the laminating film to bond the film to the print. Laminating graphics by relying on high temperature and high pressure of hot laminator, for which heating a special hot film (BOPP or PET Film) to reach a certain degree (around 100~150°C) on the machine to laminate, is called Hot Lamination. The temperature generated from the rollers heats the plastic laminate film or pouch and then bonds the print to the film or pouch. The liquid laminator uses liquid water-soluble film, this liquid laminator has both drying system and cooling system, which make the coating film from `liquid` state to solid state. After laminating, the media can be crack resist, more flexible, UV protection, scratch resist etc.
Applicable Laminating Medium Used for media that is sensitive to heat. For example, some inkjet printers use inks that can melt when heated. Such as Photopaper, PP, part of self-adhesive PP, backlit film or transparent film. This is the preferred method of lamination for materials that are not affected by heat. It is applicable to outdoor advertisements (printed by eco or solvent ink). Mainly used for roll to roll media coating, such as vinyl, flex banner, canvas, and wall paper, etc.
Advantages Simple structure and easy operation, low requirement to materials, good effects of lamination as well as lower price. Heat Assisted cold laminator: Low temperature cold laminating, mainly used to solve the issue that cold laminated images are hazy. Hot laminators provide better quality lamination which is more resistant to wear and tear.
A. The cold laminating films market price is higher than the hot laminating films. Saving time and labor.
B. Higher rate of finished products.
C. When mount board, it can be used as cold laminator either.
D. With heating assisted, it is more advantageous laminating in winter season.
E. No statics from hot lamination.
F. It is good in light permeability, water resistance, thermostability and rigidity that suitable for postproduction of the advertising graphics with light spotting on or other area of advertising site.
A. Due to the liquid laminator using liquid glue on graphics to form a solid film which materially decreases the gap of molecules. Hence, it is strongly pasted that impossible to separate the film and graphic.
B. The liquid lamination is suitable for wider graphic lamination, standard or non-standard sizes of graphic for which the common laminators can’t.
C. The liquid laminator is environmentally friendly.
D. Due to the price of liquid film is lower than the cold laminating film, that it makes the output rate very high. You can get back your investment in a short time.
E. The problem of cold lamination is the edge of PVC film is easy to shorten while the liquid lamination film is anti-ultraviolet, wearable, anti-scratching. Mainly used in wrapping film of bus advertising.
Disadvantage It requires higher experience of operator in lamination technology and usage. The cost (the cost of cold lamination and changing machine) of postproduction is relatively high. The investment is higher than that of cold laminator. UV liquid laminators are more difficult to operate and time consuming to clean, aren’t as flexible for short print runs, are more expensive, cost more to run due to high power consumption and require ventilation.
Determine the right format

Choose a suitable laminator: the first step is to choose a correct maximal width of lamination. Please remember that the maximal lamination width of the machine you choose shall be bigger than the size of the lamination material so that to ensure the entire material is well evenly laminated.

Determine the laminating film features

Thickness of laminating films: the laminating films come in a variety widths and thickness. The thicker the film, the stiffer and more durable the laminated item will be.

Sensitive to heat: Some laminating films are identified as "low melt" film. These films require less heat and are used when laminating materials that are sensitive to high temperatures, such as photographs, you’d better choose cold laminator.

Single or double sides laminating: Films also provide the option of laminating one side or both sides of an item. Single-sided lamination is used, for example, to laminate over a poster that is to be mounted on a backing board; you’d better choose double sides’ laminator.

Finishes: Laminating films are available in a variety of finishes such as gloss, matte and satin. The majority of laminating machines available on the market has a gloss finish on both sides. However, there are a number of other finishes available for special needs. For instance, laminating machines are available with a writeable matte finish on one or both sides, with a peel and stick backing, or with a colored backing. Depending on your project these unique finishes may be ideal for your project.

Determine the quality and automatic level of laminators (Operating method)

Not all laminating machines are the same quality or are composed of the same materials. Depending on the ratio of adhesive to plastic material the quality of laminating machines can vary greatly.

According to the automaticity requirements from customers, you can choose Automatic take - up roll for printed images and back paper, electrical operation, double side lamination, etc. And certainly the more functions it has, the higher price the machine costs.

For this reason, cheaper laminating machines are not always the best to buy. In fact often more expensive premium laminating machines are considerably better quality than generic machines.

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