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51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Artisman Woodworking CNC Router with vacuum table and vacuum pump
  • 51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Artisman Woodworking CNC Router with vacuum table and vacuum pump

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51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Artisman Woodworking CNC Router with vacuum table and vacuum pump

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Item Code:CNCR-S3408

  • FOB Price : $14,264.00 - 14,264.00/set   (Discount Notice)

  • Wholesale Price :
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  • Quantity: set(s) Total Cost: USD $14,264.00
  • Shipping Weight: 4785.8lb (2175.36kg) freightFreight

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Artisman SI3 Series CNC machines (Red Star Award and the Red Dot Award Products, Wood Cutting Machine).
Artisman SI3 series is based on the C Series flagship products. In thousands of lines based on S3. Absorption customer recommendations, adopt ergonomics, work hard in the user interface, angle, height, combined with the use of linear + fillet. Artisman in uniform color gene under the (white, gray, black, red). Create large-format CNC machines , Artisman SI3 Series(Wood Cutting Machine).
This is a modern version of the ancient love story: Beautiful and elegant posture controller, matched the handsome guy soft on the outside of the bed, Farming men and women weave a beautiful figure. Not only conquered the Red Star Award judges, but also conquer the German Red Dot Award. CADM Machine, directly from design to manufacturing. Allow customers to experience the wisdom of artisans bring simplicity and happiness!
This is only company that has received the reddot design award in China. On behalf of Artisman international quality, world-class recognition. Steel is good, quick processing, strong power, can be networking, easy to use, designed for mid-market design, suitable for batch processing of various types of sheet metal.
2010 latest model with a new industrial design, equipped with the latest design of the curve Artisman VIII controller, support networks and network download, support USB and SD cards. (Note: The new model uses foot mark, more suitable for the user through the model to understand the size.)

For 12 years, thousands of S3 Series CNC routers have been installed all around the world. As an entry level machine, S3 series cnc router is perfect for its easy-to-use interface and low price.
New appearance, good-stability, high-speed, network, user-friendly, modular structure. This CNC router is equipped with 3.0KW Chinese air cooled spindle motor, vacuum adsorption worktable, vacuum pump, and dust collector.

Main Configuration Information
• Maximum Engraving Area: 2500*1300mm(98"*51") size can be customized.
• Distance between gantry and worktable: 160mm. 220mm(Optional)
• Maximum Travel Speed: 20m/min
• Spindle Power: 3.0KW Chinese air cooled
• Resolution: 0.025mm/Pulse
• Machine Body: vacuum adsorption worktable
•  All three axis use the imported 25mm (0.98") linear ball bearing rack transmitting design. High precision X axis with double motors
• Automatic tool calibrator
• Ethernet and serial communications interface are available to the host computer system
• VII CNC controller
• 12 piece engraving tool set
• Software: Ucancam V10, Type3, Router 8, and Type3, etc.(Optional)

• Standard-Artisman-CNC-VIII-Controller

• Cables, rails, choose high quality Accessories

• Vacuum table structure, steel rack.

• High-precision X-axis dual-motor drive

• XYZ driver: export standard precision rack and pinion 7

• 25mm triaxial are imported linear guide

• Use simple-to-use Artisman keypad

• Standard automatic tool

• Ultra high-quality stepper motors
• Standard Artisman control center AJC8
• Standard latest WentaiProfessionaldimensional engraving software
• Standard RS232 and Ethernet and PC communication

Software: WentaiProfessionalthree-dimensional sculpture Software.
Cleaners: single barrel, double barrel, four barrels
Vacuum: can be equipped with a variety of power dry pumps and water circulation pump

For industry
• Woodworking: three-dimensional stenciling process, wave plate production, under all types of sheet materials, furniture, doors, windows, screens, etc.
• Billboard industry: a three-dimensional logo, embossed, LED and neon trough literally cutting, light box mold 3D production
• Other industries: sheet metal processing industries, such as toys, gifts, packaging and other industries
Plate Range
Acrylic, aluminum, copper, PVC board, artificial stone, MDF board, wood and other types of sheet metal

The CNC router is especially designed for end-market and suitable for mass processing of all kinds of boards, such as aluminum, copper, and wooden plates; acrylic, marble board, and MDF boards, etc.
Widely used in the woodworking industry for kitchen cabinets, sign-making, decoration, etc.

Woodworking 3D curving crafts, wave board, panels, furniture
Working doors and window folding screens, etc.
Advertising 3D sign embossment
LED and neon light letters
Plastic-absorbing light boxes
3D mold making
Other Panel processing industries like toys, gifts, packaging, etc.

Product Highlights
- This series of CNC routers come with good steadiness, high processing speed, and user-friendly operation..
- Fast speed: speed can reach up to 20m/min, it can realize fast processing of embossment and 3D engraving. The CNC router can also bear fast processing of high-power spindle on over 50kg heavy work pieces.
- High control precision: The machine’s maximum control precision can reach up to 0.001mm.
- High precision Z axis: travel field of 160mm, suitable for making shaped mould, half-finished goods.
- Manufactured according to the structure of industrial machinery, good steadiness.
- It can cut copper of 8mm (0.31") thick at once,
- Gantry uses double motor driving, which makes the whole machine run fast, more stable, and uniform.
- Patented split-module structure, to make it easy to transport and transfer it into `ordinary` doors.


51 51

Control Center: Lifetime free upgrade (download Artisman website)
You can upgrade to Artisman VIII-B AC stepper drives, maximum speed up to 24 m.
New π-type structure, more stable, more efficient.

Customizable Artisman double-headed machine. (Must be accompanied by photos and descriptions)
Synchronization can be customized Artisman machine (with most four heads)
Special sizes and requirements can be customized, specific please contact Artisman.

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51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Artisman Woodworking CNC Router with vacuum table and vacuum pump

51" x 98" (1300mm x 2500mm) Artisman Woodworking CNC Router with vacuum table and vacuum pump

$14,264.00 - 14,264.00/set

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