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2.56" x 2.56" x 3.15" (65mm x 65mm x 80mm) 3D High-speed Laser Subsurface Engraver Machine-1000Hz Laser Frequency
  • 2.56" x 2.56" x 3.15" (65mm x 65mm x 80mm) 3D High-speed Laser Subsurface Engraver Machine-1000Hz Laser Frequency

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2.56" x 2.56" x 3.15" (65mm x 65mm x 80mm) 3D High-speed Laser Subsurface Engraver Machine-1000Hz Laser Frequency

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Item Code:LSEM-Z-GH-8812A

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Main Function: Scan/2D or 3D engrave

Application: This type of laser sub-surface engraving machine is suitable for large shopping malls, tourist attractions and the place of big population like that make the personalized portrait production.such as travel industry site, shopping center, photo studio, gift/Award shop, chain store, online business.(please look at the Q&A How to do crystal business?)

Materials that can be engraved: all transparent materials, such as acrylic, crystal.

Product Highlights:  
. Laser sub-surface engraving machines use the 3D camera to take the three-dimensional pictures on the human body, after computer processing, and then through the laser inner carving technology made dots in crystal, many dots to form 3D images for never forgotten.
. LSEM-Z-GH-8812A 3D high speed scan laser engraving machine is with high degree of automation and reliability, it can work continuously for a long time and engraving at high speed. It can make various three-dimensional, plane characters, images and etc.
. The 3d laser engraving machine adopts high frequency laser(1000Hz), combines with high speed scanner, it only take 3-5 minutes to engrave one 3D portrait. It is suitable for tourist attraction.
. High peak power, high quality laser beam, good quality dots, high resolution, the parts of engraving is exquisite, crystal-clear and strong tri-dimensional sense.
. Air cooling laser system, lower power waste, stable function, easy maintenance and lower cost .
. Wide working breadth, with the three-dimensional work table enlarges the working range.
. The engraved pictures are three dimensional, which can be produced by software, such as 3DMAX, AutoCADR14, and Photoshop.
. Non-touch processing ensures that the surface of the crystalline bright and clean.

Remark: Laser subsurface engraving machine is a high and new tech product that combines laser and computer technology, and is laser processing equipment that integrates optics, machine, and electricity. This machine can engrave various 3D and 2D (plane) images, characters, and figures in crystal glass, which brings people the impression of glittering and translucent, pure and noble. Crystal handicrafts engraved by laser subsurface engraving machine have the value of collection, appreciation, and memorization. This machine has more virtues than traditional engraving machines. Firstly, it adopts servo-controlling system with high precision and efficiency under the computer control, which has the features of high productivity and stable processing performance; secondly, it adopts laser processing technology, which makes the crystal and laser spot move correspondingly. Laser focus point explosives the crystal by optical effect, after forms the countless ordered spots, to make up an exquisite and perfect three-dimensional picture. The engraved crystal handicrafts have permanent collecting value.

How does laser process works? (more information, please look at the Q&A: How does laser process works?)
Step1: 3D Capturing. Take a portrait using our 3D camera.You can also create a special 3D design for your customer using CAD software.
Step2: 3D Image Processing.Process the data using our design software. It is easy for you to create complex laser images, because a template and guide for your glass image is included in software.
Step3: Laser Engraving. Transfer your image template to our laser systems. The laser beam will then burn it into `crystal` glass with maximum precision and at high speed. The surface remains smooth and flawless.
Step4: Portrait Crystal. Now captured forever, you can present an wonderful 3D crystal portrait to your customer in just a few minutes.

Warrenty and Aftersales Serive:
The warranty is valid for 1 year from `the` goods' arrival at Destination Port.
If there is standard part breaks with quality problem within warranty, buyer mail seller the broken part, seller will send a new part to buyer soon and guide buyer how to change it as has been taught in training.
If Buyer wants Seller’s engineer to give training, maintenance or other technical support outside Seller’s company, Buyer shall afford the traveling cost, lodging and accommodation of our engineer, and the service of engineer is free.
User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining.


3D engraving 3D engraving 3D engraving

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2.56" x 2.56" x 3.15" (65mm x 65mm x 80mm) 3D High-speed Laser Subsurface Engraver Machine-1000Hz Laser Frequency

2.56" x 2.56" x 3.15" (65mm x 65mm x 80mm) 3D High-speed Laser Subsurface Engraver Machine-1000Hz Laser Frequency


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