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US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")
  • US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")
  • US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")
  • US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")
  • US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")

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US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")

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/products/29836/manual_cylinder_curved_screen_printing_press_for cup mug_bottle_ with 2 free frames_diameter_3_15_quot_.html

US Stock Manual Cylinder Curved Screen Printing Press for Cup / Mug / Bottle with 2 Free Frames (Diameter:3.15")

Curved Screen Printing Machine is mainly used for printing cylindrical type, cone type products; Such as a variety of plastic, glass, metal materials made of cylindrical, conical shape products, including wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetics bottles and other packaging bottles; Mugs, thermos mugs, beer mugs, red mugs, etc. Glass tube, fishing rod, bat and other small cylindrical products; Pure bucket, paint bucket, alcohol bucket, paint bucket, oil and lubricating oil bucket and other large packaging cylindrical products.
For cylindrical or conical type products, the printing surface has a large concave or convex, the printing surface has spots and other non-plane printing is not suitable for the machine.Such as:

Max printing diameter: 3.15" (8 cm)
Mini printing diameter: 1.97" (5 cm)
Max printing girth: 6.3" (16 cm)
Max printing area: 5.5" x 6.3" (14 x 16 cm)
Max Frame size(OD): 9.8" x 11.8" (25 x 30 cm)

Note:The Press comes with 2 free frames. One frame with 120 mesh Silk Screen Fabric,the other frame with no mesh.
1.The printing plate frame uses the spring to pull and lift, matches the flower basket screw to adjust the lift strength of the screen plate , the lift angle of the screen plate can be controlled by adjusting knob, the operation is easier. The spring tension on both sides of the machine should be as consistent as possible after installation , otherwise it may cause distortion of the printing screen frame.
2.It is easy to install and remove the screen frame. Just put the screen plate into the back support plate from below of the printing plate rack, and then put the screen plate into the front support plate, tighten the screen plate fixing screw. (limited to the design requirements of the machine.
3. Four sliders connected to the optical axis to make the screen frame slide back and forth,it is easy and smooth to push and pull .
4.The back and forth sliding distance of the frame can be controlled by the positioning ring on the optical axis; The user can lock the positioning ring after adjusting the position of the screen plate and the substrate placement table. Especially add the collision rubber ring between the locating ring and the slide block, which can prevent the slide block from directly contacting with the metal locating ring during the back and forth sliding of the screen frame, and prevent the sound of metal striking with each other, and meanwhile protect the metal parts.
5. The printing scraper rack and the return ink rack adopt the double board clip type, the installation and unloading is convenient and quick, two sides of the main frame and the frame connect the screw middle additional spring, in the printing process, user can adjust the printing scraper and the return ink plate pressure according to the need.

Installation Methods of Scraping and Returning Ink Strips:

(1)Open the scraper mounting plate
(2)Put in the scraper rubber, the lower edge of the scraper and the mesh surface will
fit smoothly and smoothly.
(3)Fix the following three screws (don't tighten them); tighten the top two white knobs to
fix the scraper tape.

6.Push and pull handle can be installed vertically or in parallel according to the operator's needs.
7.Substrate placement platform adopts knob lifting and locking structure. Substrate placement platform can be controlled by the lifting handle under the placement stage, first release the knob on both sides of the baffle, lift to the appropriate height, the locking knob on both sides of the baffle can be tightened to stabilize the lifting platform at this height, substrate placement platform on both sides of the height is consistent or not can be adjusted by the concave teeth on both sides of the baffle.
8.Bottom of the substrate printing rack is designed around back and forth mobile , the three long aluminum bars in the bottom installed in the lifting placement platform, both sides are substrate placement rack installation bar, the middle is the substrate limit column installation bar.
9.Substrate placement rack installation bar can be moved around 5.5""/14cm back and forth, in order to move as accurate as possible, according to the concave tooth on the placement table to make parallel movement.
10.Limited post is installed on both sides of the substrates limited post installation bar, after adjusting all printing steps, place the substrate in the printing rack, move two limited posts respectively to the two ends of the substrates and substrates surface with 1-2 mm spacing (Note: not too close please , otherwise it may affect the rotation of the substrates), using a wrench to tighten the limited post.

Main functions of the limited post:
(1)Improve the accuracy of substrate placement, ensure that all printing positions are basically the same after substrate placement, and avoid deviation of printing positions caused by different substrate placement.
(2)Substrate placement faster, no need to mark or manually adjust, directly put into the substrate.
(3)limit the substrate in the printing process does not deviate.


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Am I able to print front and back of a glass jar with 3 to 4 inch diameter in one pass?
By shavonbean10 from Brunei
Hello dear, you can press in this size: Max printing diameter: 3.15" (8 cm), Mini printing diameter: 1.97" (5 cm). Any question please email on overseas17@sign-in-china.com or message to whatsapp: +8613819184415. Thank you!
By Sign-in-china
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