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US Stock, New High-Energy Precision Welder Aluminum Welder
  • US Stock, New High-Energy Precision Welder Aluminum Welder

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US Stock, New High-Energy Precision Welder Aluminum Welder

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Item Code:LWM-LV-ZLL-5800-US

  • Unit Price : $3,969.00 - 4,410.00/set   (Discount Notice)

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  • Quantity: set(s) Total Cost: USD $4,410.00
  • Shipping Weight: 88.0lb (40kg)

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This machine has successfully combined two welding functions of high precision cold welding and advanced argon welding (TIG), and added five new functions to adapt to different welding.
Welding operation under different technical conditions. The minimum current of this machine for high precision argon welding can reach 2A.
Welding or welding repair effect, with no deformation, small deformation, fast speed, strong binding force, environmental protection, universal operation, free of polishing and polishing and other advantages, and the addition of data storage mode
Type, the customer can completely according to their own welding requirements for flexible mode switching, and data storage, not subject to the restrictions of different welding workers.

Product Technical Advantages:
The high performance 32-bit ARM processor imported from the United States is adopted as the main control chip, with processing speed up to 72MHZ, accurate current sampling, precise welding time control and welding.
The switching speed of current partition is fast. Imported high-performance MOSFET, temperature resistance up to 150 degrees Celsius, stable performance. Control part of the full lamination process, automatic lamination.
Film machine mounting, accurate, ensure the stability and quality of products.

Welding features:
This welding machine can complete the welding process between plates, wires and plates in tens of milliseconds, compared with the ordinary welding machine (more than a few seconds), the heat transferred to the workpiece.
Relatively little, so the workpiece matrix, less heat, outside the solder joint material temperature rise, will not produce splash, deformation and other problems.
Since the volume of the bath generated by each welding pulse is less than 2mm3, the stress formed is also small. Although a welding or welding repair requires a combination of many bath, but by the stress direction of the solder joint is dispersed, and the concentrated stress on the workpiece is small, so the workpiece deformation after welding or welding is very small, or even no deformation.
Under different modes and different current regulation, machine control mode can be realized, that is, setting mode and parameters can be used to realize welding speed, weld width and weld spot size
The diversification of requirements, the completion of the transition from control to machine control, break through the limitations of professional welding. Can cooperate with fixture or professional equipment to realize automatic or semi-automatic welding function.

Six new features:
1. 99 groups of data memory and storage functions
2. ultra-laser precision welding welding repair function
3. Continuous welding pulse function with 18 gears
4. Welding and repairing function of plane edges and corners
5. High precision machine controlled argon welding (TIG) function
6.This welder can weld 0.5-4mm (0.02 "-0.16") aluminum

1. Data storage function of 99 groups of data:
The user can use the "storage" key to set the storage of data under different welding conditions, and when it is used again, it can call up the data stored before the system according to the "storage serial number"
Parameter values. The machine can store up to 99 sets of accumulated experience data, which can be called and updated at any time. So the operation is more intelligent, more simple, more convenient.

2, ultra-laser precision welding welding repair function:
In this mode, the welding precision can reach or exceed the laser precision, and the welding repair efficiency is high. As it is controlled digitally, the data captured is more accurate and accurate.

3. Continuous pulse function of 18 gears:
18 gears can be selected flexibly according to workpiece thickness, requirement and speed, and can be equipped with robot devices flexibly to achieve automatic or semi-automatic welding.

4. Welding and repairing functions of plane edges and corners:
According to different welding process requirements of the same welding position, the function of "plane welding" and "edge and corner welding" is adopted.
Ultra-precision welding can be carried out by selecting the "edges and corners" welding mode, even if the diameter of the nail hole is 0.2mm, perfect welding effect can be achieved.

5. High precision machine-controlled argon welding (TIG) function:
Continuous TIG mode provides faster and smoother weld or weld repair when a large amount of work is required. (the interval is 0.1 to 0.2 seconds)
The scope of application

Stainless steel plate welding industry:
Suitable for large and small pressure vessels, metal door industry, metal chassis, food machinery, cabinet display shelves, metal pipes, industrial water tanks, refrigeration equipment, pharmaceutical
Equipment, metal crafts and so on, no deformation or small deformation, no edge bite, strong binding force, beautiful effect after welding, on fast, easy to operate, save labor costs.

Mold repair industry:
Injection mould 2, stamping mould 3, die-casting mould 4, rubber mould 5, copper alloy mould. The molds after welding can be machined, heat treated and nitrided.

Various parts repair industry:
This machine can carry out perfect welding repair for shaft, tooth and other workpieces, such as workpiece size difference, from a few threads to a few millimeters can be very good repair.

Welding range:
0.2mm-8mm stainless steel, carbon steel, mold steel, galvanized sheet, cold rolled sheet, titanium alloy, copper alloy and other metal materials

Welding repair scope:
· sliding edge, narrow edge, nail hole, groove, air hole and fine seam
· repair the mold defects (such as surface depression and porosity, etc.) after welding by argon arc welding machine
· weld and repair the molds after discharge machining, nitriding and soft nitriding treatment.

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