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Flatbed Printer, Series FBP-UV (Konica 512 14pl)
  • Flatbed Printer, Series FBP-UV (Konica 512 14pl)

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Flatbed Printer, Series FBP-UV (Konica 512 14pl)

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Item Code:FBP-UV Series

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This Flatbed Printer uses UV technology with non-plate and non-mesh process, making it an eco-friendly printer. It can print into `almost` any flexible and hard material achievingefficient process with small foot print, single operations and it is easy to operate. This printer is ideal for the small and medium printshop owners because it covers many fields such as advertisement, decorations, glass process and much more.

Technology Advantages:
• The bed is equipped with media locating pins for accurate materials replacement, which results in repeated accuracy between prints.
• Large and true flatbed design, with a sectional six zone vacuum or the option of up and down wheel built in table that keeps the stationary media on a flat surface with an accurate registration. It has a heavy duty chassis wich ensure a long lifespan and virtually holds heavy materials upto 100mm thickness.
• Negative pressure in the ink supply system that controls traditional colors, white ink and varnish comes separately. The correct ajection is achieved by the state of the fine Printhead technology with built in temperature sensor and heater; ensuring the continuous fluent of the print, without the auto cleaning system during the printing process, saving more UV ink each year.
• It uses Konica Minolta KM 512-14pl printhead, reaching a maximum resolution of 1440 DPI, with Caldera or Photoprint RIP Software and Manager V9.22 with Feather processing options wich gets a vivid and sharp print image.
• Comes with basic 4 or 6 colors, white and varnish option is available. White option for the overlay, underlay, fill white, spot white and under color white can be achieved, obtaining a wonderful result in all applications.
• A unique two ways printing functions (forward and backward); making the overlay and underlay white option easy to switch and saves X-beams in return.
• Integrated P.H. capping device automatically protects the nozzles from `the` light and dust when they are parked, extending the printheads lifespan and reduces the ink usage.

It can be used with wide rage materials, including hard media like glass, ceramic tiles, composite aluminum, metal, wood, stone, billboards, acrylic, plexiglass, foam board, packaging paper, and flexible media like wall paper, glistening film, canvas, carpet, leather, paper and more.

Model Printing width(mm) Printhead Number Color Number Price/14PL($)
FBP-2512-7-UV 1200 7 7 51,000
FBP-2518-7-UV 1800 7 7 56,000
FBP-3018-7-UV 1800 7 7 61,000
FBP-2518-8-8C-UV 1800 8 8 59,000
FBP-3018-8-8C-UV 1800 8 8 64,000
FBP-2518-12-6C-UV 1800 12 6 69,000
FBP-3018-12-6C-UV 1800 12 6  74,000
FBP-2512-4--4C-UV  2500  4  4  44,000
FBP-2512-5-5C-UV 2500 5 5  47,000
FBP-2518-4--4C-UV  1800 4 4  49,000
FBP-2518-5-5C-UV 1800 5 5  52,000
FBP-3022-12-6CUV 2200 12 6  76,000

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Flatbed Printer, Series FBP-UV (Konica 512 14pl)

Flatbed Printer, Series FBP-UV (Konica 512 14pl)


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