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US Stock-Xuli X6 1880 Large Format Printer (Single Head)
  • US Stock-Xuli X6 1880 Large Format Printer (Single Head)

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US Stock-Xuli X6 1880 Large Format Printer (Single Head)

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Item Code:SIC-XULI-X6-1880-US

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The X6 series is a color ink-jet plotter applicable to high quality plotting with 4-color ink. You can achieve faster print speeds and impressive color reproduction for premium graphics on demand. Affordable, yet advanced, the X6-1880-US places high-fidelity print quality within your reach.


True 1440dpi high quality plotting
Plotting with 1440dpi high quality is suitable both for small and large posters.
Intelligent heater
Mounts three heaters (front heater, middle heater, back heater) with independent temperature setting and intelligent functions (standby mode and automatic off).
The device detects the ambient temperature to perform temperature control, allowing heating temperature set up which best suits the medium used.
Easy ink replacement
The ink cartridge can be replaced safely and easily without getting your hands dirty.
Easy maintenance
The automatic capping system allows not to wash the Heads the need of head cleaning before Turning off the power. Nozzle clogging can be recovered by performing the cleaning function. If the device is not in use for a prolonged period of time, it automatically performs Nozzle- Clogging preventive operation at fixed intervals. However, the main power must be left turned on. The device monitors the time period when not in use. When the power is turned on or when plotting is started, it automatically performs head cleaning to prevent from clogging Nozzle.
Indication of the ink remains
Since the amount of ink that remains can be checked even during operation of the device, you can use the ink and medium without waste.
Simple display
The LCD panel displays the device setting menu in two lines (not one line), making it easier to see. Since the LCD panel is provided with a backlight, the display can be clearly seen even in a dark place. The LCD panel can display two different languages for each, including English and Chinese.
Display plotting condition
It is possible to have the printing process displayed on the LCD panel and the plotting conditions to be plotted for confirmation during operation of the device.
Take-up Devicefor plotting on a long length
Since the take-up device that is interlocked with the device winds up the medium as it is plotted on,even a long medium can be used.
A newly provided medium support bar
The device is provided with a medium support bar at the back. It is useful when a heavy medium, such as Tarpaulin, is set on the device.
Selectable head height
The head height can be set to 1.5-8 mm by turning screws on carriage.
Prevents lifts at both ends of medium
The use of the curl stopper prevents lifts at both ends of diverse media and contact with the head.

US Stock-Xuli-X6-UV2018G Printer
The Front

US Stock-Xuli-X6-UV2018G Printer

  Name Function
1 Platen It puts out the medium as it is plotted on.


Front cover It is opened when setting medium or taking a corrective measure against a medium jam. Even if the power switch is off, keep the front cover closed to perform the ink clogging preventive operation.
3 Carriage Moves the Print Head from side to side.
4 Operation panel
This panel has the operation keys required for operating the device and the LCD for displaying set items, etc.
5 Clamp lever It is made to go up-down the pinch roller for holding medium.
6 Take-up device It supports to wind up the roll medium printed.
7 Stand It supports the main unit. It is provided with casters that are used to move the device.
8 Waste ink tank Waste ink gathers in this tank.

The Rear
US Stock-Xuli-X6-UV2018G Printer

  Name Function
9 Ink cartridge Set the ink cartridges specified.
10 Roll holder Roll holder is inserted in the right and left core of roll medium to hold the roll medium. The roll holder is applicable to diameter of medium cores with 2 and 3 inches. The attachment position (height) of the roll holder can be set in 2 steps. To increase the heater contact time, attach it at the bottom position.


Heater operation panel Provides the heater power switch and the heater status LED indicator.
12 Heater switch Control front, middle, rear heater.
13 AC inlet The power cable is connected to the AC inlet.
14 Power switch It turns on/off the power to the device. When the power switch is turned on, the POWER indicator lights in red.

We shall have no liability for any damage of any kind (including but not limited to unearned profits, indirect damages, special losses and other debts) caused by the use of malfunction of the product unless otherwise specified in our warranty provisions. The same applies to any case where we has been informed of the possible risk of such damages in prior.

For example, we shall not be liable to any damage to medium (works) due to the use of the product or any indirect damage that is caused by a product that is manufactured with damaged medium. Please be noted that we shall have no liability for any debts, unearned profits and any claims from any third party resulting from the use of the device.

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how about installation(sarawak,malaysia)? thanks
By allandigital399
hi my friend ,we can guide you online about installment freely ,any more question ,please email me :overseas07@sign-in-china.com
By Sign-in-china
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