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59" x 118" (1500mm x 3000mm) 500W Economy High Precision IPG Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Sheet, Open Design
  • 59" x 118" (1500mm x 3000mm) 500W Economy High Precision IPG Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Sheet, Open Design

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59" x 118" (1500mm x 3000mm) 500W Economy High Precision IPG Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Sheet, Open Design

Germany IPG Fiber laser generator, Pneumatic Loading Table, Wireless remote control handle, updated software

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Item Code:LCM-XJG-150300DT-P500

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laser cutting Machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical in one, which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system to process all kinds of metal sheet at high speed, high accurate, high efficiently cutting. Its products have smooth edge, small kerfs width and little heat effect.

Open design series:
1) Fiber laser cutting is the fastest process for thin sheet metal.
2) "Clean cut" surface quality.
3) Reflective materials aluminum also can be cut with ease.
4) Parts process cost is very low.

Equipment Character and Technology advantage
• Using Imported Optical components, good beam quality, high efficiency electronic-optic conversion.
• High ratio between quality and price, good reliability, long-term stability
• High cutting precision, can meet all requirement of sheet metal processing technology.
• Focal length automatic follow with cutting head, even if the material surface roughness and also can ensure cutting quality.
• Kerfs smooth, perfect, no need clean.
• Low operation cost, all material can cut by air only (If need faster cutting speed, using Oxygen).
• Collecting trailer with wheel, light weight design, easy to clean material
• Powerful smoking device , solve question of metal processing dust and bad environment 
• Using Smart mechanical mechanism, compact structure, no need take up large area.
• Imported Germany Rexroth liner guide, YASKAWA servo motor drive, High precision ABBA ball screw, let the machine work perfect.
• All screw and guide rail and other motor with auxiliary lubrication system together, use centralized supply lubrication way, effective ensure lifetime and working precision on each motor.
• Use USA PMAC CNC control software , which can realize 8 axis multi-control , compatible with the full closed loop design, which can position the correct real moving distance, then make compensation , even after long-term using , the machine can work with high precision.

500W Fiber Laser Machine Cutting Speed:

 Laser Power  Material  Cutting Thickness(mm) Max Cutting Speed(m/min)  Auxiliary Gas
 Stainless steel
 0.5  17  Oxygen
  0.5  7.4  Nitrogen
 1  15  Oxygen
 1  6  Nitrogen
 2  5  Oxygen
 2  1.8  Nitrogen
 3  2.4  Oxygen
3  0.42  Nitrogen
 Carbon steel
 0.8  20  Oxygen
 1  16  Oxygen
 2  4.5  Oxygen
 3  3  Oxygen
 4  2.2  Oxygen

Equipment Main Components: 


Use IPG YLR500 Fiber laser generator, IPG as the top laser generator supplier in the world, the electrical-optical conversion rate is up to 25%~30%, the lifetime is more than 100,000hours
Install air condition with fiber laser generator separately,to ensure best working temperature of the fiber laser generator.

Use Full sealed design, ensure long lifetime of mirrors.
Drawer design, easy in changing protection mirrorDistinctive scale identification, easy in adjusting focus according to different materialsAutomatic Focusing system , which keep distance between nozzle and materials,avoid collision.

YASKAWA Servo Motor can correct the cutting path.
Cooperate with full closed loop system to ensure the cutting accuracy.

Double Germany Atlanta Rack and Pinion  in Y axis moving system in Control.
Germany ball screw and Germany Rexroth linger guide in X axis. Top brand mechanical laser parts, which realize high processing speed up to 72M/min.

1. Full closed Loop system is our unique machine feature and advantage.
2. Installing the scale ruler on the working table as traveling response.
3. Automatic corrects the moving position; ensure high working speed working precision and anti-interruption.

1. The machine working table is weld by 12mm square mild sheet, which load capacity is 700KG when machine in working process.
2. Through twice age process and annealing treatment, protect body will not deformation.


1. American  PMAC control (Programmable Multi-Axis Controller)
2. 8 axis controller, compatible with full closed loop system to realize high accuracy software control
3. With technical parameter database, including in all materials’ cutting parameter

1. Smart nesting software with flexibility and maximum performance.
2. With powerful nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, adjoining, etc, automatic lead- in/lead-out line setup for different types of contours.
3. It can calculate the optimum movement track to make the shortest path, least time consuming and improve overall processing efficiency.

Equip with Proportional Valves; ensure the equal gas flow, which realize the clean cutting performance on the metal sheet surface.
It used Japanese SNC Proportional valves tech, belongs to software control.

Efficient and reliable centralized lubrication system can automatically add oil to machine table and mechanical parts  at any time.
Smart cooling system, process cooling and heating two functions, keep constant temperature in different seasons and circumstance.
With automatic cycle function, reduce water-changing frequency.

Controller table, user friendly, easy to operate.
Compatible with wireless remote control handle, to make operate more simple and easier.

Wireless remote control handle, to realize the function of zero home, frame, start/pause, pre-adjust, X, Y, Z axis movement. It is more convenient for practical use. It is optional for Y axis rotary device, which use for cutting round tube with diameter from 15mm~80mm standard.

Equipment Configuration:

Configuration Name Details Note
Pulse Laser Power Supply system Use Professional High frequency pulse laser cutting power supply Power Invariability, stable performance
Fiber laser system                  Use  IPG/COHERENT Fiber laser source
Top quality laser source, more powerful and stable electronic -optical conversion up to 30%
Laser light path system Use full sealed optical system Sealed Optical system, ensure
High laser energy and mirror lifetime
Positioning system Using P-MAC control and full closed loop design indicating laser accuracy Automatically cutting compensation, with long time cutting accuracy guarantee
Automatic Tracking system Captive non-contact automatic tracking system Automatic adjustment cutting focus length, ensure the cutting quality
Cutting Head System Use Unique OEM Precitec Laser Cutting Head Use Unique OEM Precitec Laser Cutting Head
Lubrication system Centralized supply system Supply lubrication oil to working table and guide rail
Driving and moving system all us Japan YASKAWA servo motor drive and Use famous Taiwan ABBA brand ball screw and Germany Rexroth guide rail, Germany Atlanta Rack and Pinon high speed, large torgue stable and reliable performance, high precision, convenient, maintenance, longer lifetime
CNC system PC control, CNC laser cutting professional USA PMAC cutting software Programmable Multi-Axis Controller, compatible with closed -loop magnetic rule system, which ensure the high precision
Support For Graphic format Compatible CAD, CORELDRAW, and other mapping software, support DXF/DWG/PLT graphics format
Effective ensure lifetime and working precision on each motor unit

Consume parts price list (for customer choose to buy for stock)

No. Description Life Time(only for reference) Quantity for one Year(only for reference) Unit Price USD
1 Protective mirror 500 hours 10pcs  
2 Laser head nozzle 800 hours 8pcs  


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