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Cap Heat Press Kit
  • Cap Heat Press Kit
  • Cap Heat Press Kit

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Cap Heat Press Kit

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Item Code:CS-HTS-002

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This machine can be used for transferring non-cotton caps (like polyester tops and chemical fibers etc.) as well as pure cotton caps.

Sublimation paper and Sublimation ink are suitable for the transferring of the non-cotton cap. The process is firstly to print the picture you want in the sublimation paper by the piezoelectric printer (like Epson printer), then put the paper smoothly on the cap, and lastly to transfer the picture to the cap through heating by heat transfer system, color fixation is must to finish the process.

 If you want to transfer pure cotton cap by heat transfer printing, you have to use special transfer paper fit for cotton clothes. Clothes in light color must be transformed by using the sublimation paper special for the light color ones, or vice versa. Then to print the picture into `the` sublimation paper on which there is thin film for printing pictures, and put the printed paper smoothly on the cap to be heated by the heat transfer machine. Finally to transfer the pictured film to the cap, you will finish the whole process.

Feel free to transfer when using another kind of special transfer film, the transferring is not restricted by the color of the materials.  Firstly to print the picture into `the` special transfer film by using the printer containing general water-proof ink, and then to transfer the pictured film to the cap through heating, you will get your transferring finished.

Hat Heat Press Solution


 Chemical cap fibers system: 256USD/set.
 Pure cotton caps system: 270USD/set.

. One heat transfer machine.
. One EPSON Printer(Epson R330 with voltage of 220V).
. One set of the continuous-ink-supply system including heat transfer ink 100ml in six-color.
. One parcel of heat transfer paper (100pcs/parcel)

 . $46/parcel(100pcs/parcel), $80/parcel (100pcs/parcel)
 . Sublimation ink: Referable price: $72/L
 . Feel free when using the Heat Transfer Film, which is not restricted by color and materials. The price can be found in the following site:
. The difference between the cap transfer system for chemical fibers and that for pure cotton is nothing but the ink and the transfer paper.
 We have many different kinds of cap transfer machine available for you. You can have a clear understanding of the quotation for the machines in the following website:
The operating steps:
. Plug in the machine and turn on the switch.
. Strongly take hold of the handle to lay open the heating panel right. (Attention: the whole machine must be backed up by sturdy earth wire.
. Adjust the thermostat temperature to the wanted temperature ( generally 150℃~200℃)
. Adjust the timer to the wanted time (usually 5seconds to 20 seconds)
. Pull up the pressure handle and you will find the heating panel, then pull out the worktable and put the T-shirt to be transferred on the worktable smoothly. Put the cap on the beneath pyrography panel, and then put the pictured transfer paper on the T-shirt. (Attention: the front and back of the heat transfer pyrography papers, should better warm up the part to be transferred to make the surface smooth, making the transferring a high-quality job.), then you put back the heating panel and pull down the pressure handle strongly until the end.
. When the temperature reaches the setting figure, it will alarm and the heating panel will stop working automatically, then you should pull out the worktable.
. Strip away the pyrography paper and the process is finished.

When transferring, if the pyrography papers are suitable for stripping away when cooled down, you have to wipe the pyrography paper by using the blackboard eraser and then wait 5 to ten seconds to strip it away. Or you have to strip away the pyrography papers right away when the heating is up, only the perfect time and temperature and pressure can make the transferring a good job. Also the transferring is also subject to the thickness of materials and the pyrography paper.

As the original ink cartridges is water-based ink from `the` printer suppliers, which do not offer the sublimation ink cartridge; you have to do some changes to the original ink cartridges, getting rid of the original ink and injecting the sublimation ink.
We suggest you use the continuous ink supply to avoid the complex process of injecting ink to the ink cartridges. This way you will be free from `the` repeating work for injection when the ink is using out every time. What you need to do is just inject the sublimation ink into `the` ink bottle of the system

All kinds of the pyrography papers have to be tested to be qualified before mass production.

Voltage: 220/110V
Working Temperature: Normal

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I would just to buy the printer and inks for the printer and anything associated with the printer as I want to use it with the 3D Vacuum heat press. Do you sell all of these separately and where are they found on your site.
By techsupport from Brunei

Thanks for your inquiry , yes you can order it here https://www.sign-in-china.com/activity/heat_transfer/ , more question email me overseas22@sign-in-china.com

By Sign-in-china
Can you print on the special transfer film with sublimation ink?
By moren from Brunei

Dear customer, usually, heat transfer film can be printed by Roland Plotter& Cutter with ECO solvent inks, and sublimation inks do not work for transfer films. The transfer film printing solution is going to be listed on our web, and before that, you can contact: overseas25@sign-in-china.com for detailed information.

Thanks & regards


By Sign-in-china
What voltage can the machine work?
By Sign-in-china
What is the price of Epson printer?
By abu jaker md.hossain from Brunei
The referable price is 268USD.
By Sign-in-china
What kind of printer should I use with the system?
It uses the piezoelectric printer(like EPSON printer).
By Sign-in-china
What shall I do if transfer the mug?
By Adalbert Linter from Brunei
You can buy another mug transfer machine together with the system.
By Sign-in-china
Can I transfer mug by this system?
By Akira Maruyama from Brunei
Sorry, it can only transfer cap.
By Sign-in-china
Does the system include printer?
No, it doesn't have that.
By Sign-in-china
What parts does the system have?
Including: ◇ One set of the cap heat transfer machine. ◇ One set of the continuous-ink-supply system including heat transfer ink 100ml in six-color. ◇ One parcel of heat transfer paper (100pcs/parcel)
By Sign-in-china
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