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Plate Heat Press Kit
  • Plate Heat Press Kit
  • Plate Heat Press Kit

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Plate Heat Press Kit

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Item Code:CS-HTS-004

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This heat transfer system is widely used in transferring all kinds of pictures onto plates.

The process is:
. First, use a piezoelectric printer (for example: EPSON C65 printer) to print the picture onto the sublimation paper.
. Second, put the paper on the surface of the plate and check the position of the picture.
. Third, use adhesive sticker to fix the paper and put the plate on the heat transfer machine, then through pressing and heating, transfer the picture onto the plate making the color stable.

To accomplish the plate transferring, you need to have a piezoelectric printer (like Epson R330), ink cartridge (ink), heat transfer machine, A3 or A4 sublimation paper (rolled paper is also available for different printers) and blank plates.

. One plate heat transfer machine.
. One EPSON Printer(Epson R330 with voltage of 220V).
One set of continuous-ink-supply device (4 colors, each color 100ml). 
. One parcel of heat transfer paper (100 pieces /parcel).

. We have many kinds of plate heat transfer machines; you can choose from `our` extensive range of transfer machines which one suits your needs.
 The price of this system can vary according to the different chosen heat transfer machines plates.
. If you need an extra heat transfer ink, the referable price is $72/L.
. If you need extra heat transfer paper, please visit the following website:

Operating Processes:
. Use the colorful inkjet printer (with heat transfer ink) to print the picture on the heat transfer paper (setting mirror image printing style).
. Put the silicone gel mat on, and pull down the handle after fixing the proper pressure. Then plug the machine and turn on the switch.
. Adjust the temperature to 180℃~190℃, the temperature increasing time is about 1~2℃.
. Adjust the time to 100sec~200sec.
. When the temperature reaches the set cipher, it will maintain the temperature automatically.
. Pull up the pressure handle, and put the plate (with paper on it) on the panel. (The size of the picture should oversize the heating panel, avoiding the ceramic plate being burned or appearing the pressing mark.)
. When the temperature reaches the setting cipher, it will produce an alarm and the heating panel will stop heating. At that time, please turn off the switch. Pull up the handle, and then take down the plate. Put the plate into `cool` water to prevent the ink spreading and then wipe it dry.

During the non-using time, remember to shut the power and pull down the pressure handle to keep smooth (do not press too heavily).

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Does the continuous-ink-supply device you offer suitable for any printer ?
By CHALERMKWAN from Brunei
No, please tell us the model of your printer first ,then we will confirm the continuous ink system you need .
By Sign-in-china
Does this system including epson printer you mention ?
By Chaloemlak Chirawatsathit from Brunei
Sorry , this system don't include the epson printer .you will need to buy the epson printer seprately .
By Sign-in-china
how much do you sell the plates?
By HERSHEY SEE from Brunei
We have several different style at different price ,please kindly check on http://www.sign-in-china.com/catalogs/163/Sublimation_Blanks.html to see the price .
By Sign-in-china
can u do it in black and white ink ?
By HERY HARTONO from Brunei
Sorry ,right now black sublimation ink is available ,white one is not available .
By Sign-in-china
do you know if this paper and ink (sublimation) is available in my local store(market)
By HESAM SALEHI from Brunei
I think the sublimation paper and ink is available there ,but the price may not very good .
By Sign-in-china
can i use a laser printer?
Sorry ,to transfer on plate ,you need to use the sublimation paper and ink ,so please use the piezoelectric printer ,Epson printer will be ok .
By Sign-in-china
does it come with the printer ?
Sorry ,the price don't including the printer .
By Sign-in-china
do i refil my ink cartridge easily or musy a buy from `your` company again
By HIROAKI KOZAI from Brunei
the system will including a continuous-ink-supply device ,with this device you will be able to refill the ink easily
By Sign-in-china
how long does it take to make one plate or 1 mug?
By HIROATSU TATE from Brunei
Heat transfer process only takes a few seconds.
By Sign-in-china
do I need special plates/ mugs or can I use any kind ?
The plate or mug needs have coating on ,so they could protect them while making transfer .
By Sign-in-china
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