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Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code
  • Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code

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Ucancam V11 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code

With Operation Video disc, easy to learn and operate, suitable for Windows 7 & 8

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CNC Engraving Software for CNC Router G Code

• "Powerfully Simple, Simply powerful" is the tagline for Ucancam.
• Ucancam Pro is powerful, flexible industrial strength software.
• Ucancam Pro = Ucancam Standard Version + Parametric + Wave board + Surface (CAD & CAM) + Interactive Nesting. 
• Ucancam Pro includes all the design, layout and machining functionality demanded by commercial shops and users, while remaining incredibly easy to use and affordably priced.
•  Ucancam Pro is a complete solution for 3D Model Making (CNC routing, engraving, and milling), Rapid Prototyping and Sign making, Wood Carving (Custom fireplaces, door panels), Stone cutting (Memorials, Commemorative plaques).
• As well as the current mainstream Ucancam Pro's 3D Wave board, for this, Pro. Offers all the tools you need for surface wave board designs' machining, such existing wave-shaped designs as lines, curves, and waves can be created on MDF boards. In addition, Original and unique designs and even users ‘special requirements for cutting characters or graphs on finished wave boards can also be graded. Various artistic effects can be achieved through different treatment of MDF
boards through Ucancam Pro.

New feature: 

• Support Python script to develop ucancam. you can use Python to create your application. 
• Firstly release 64 bit Ucancam, the installation file include 32 bit ucancam version and 64-bit ucancam version, which can install the compatible version according your PC OS version (32/64 bit).   
• Set the background color of window.
• In 3 points circle creation, add the method (point, point, tangent) circle, (point, tangent, tangent) circle, (tangent, tangent, tangent) circle. 
• The tool path is associated with the drawing.  
When the position or shapes of drawing are changed, double click the tool path to regenerate the tool path. 
• Modify the tool path name:
 1) tool path attribute dialog in design central. 
 2) Tool path export dialog. 
• Add the button "copy”, “cut", "paste" in text popup menu. 
• Add the oscillation option in profile tool path--adding oscillation in the Z-axis along your contour tool paths, uses more of the cutting length of the tool, and can reduce tool wear in that axis. This is especially useful when cutting thinner materials or laminated materials such as kitchen counter tops.
• The tool path regeneration. 
• Add two-tool type--drill tool and tape ball tool. 
• Surface finish tool path: emit finish. 
• Dynamically drag text on curve.  
• The tool path can be mirrored, rotated. 
• Modify font type for mutely text at the one dialog. 


1.the creative relief modeling and 3D canvas function.
2.Strengthen 1 rail sweep surface/2 rail sweep surface.
3.Enhanced the rotary axis towpath.
• The display video system: make it faster, and eliminates flicker.
• "Replace" in text edit: when there are selections, replace text in selection; if no selection, replace text for all. 
• Auto Nesting: when the part cannot be put in the sheet, the part will be not moved to avoid the contact with other part. 
• The faster speed for surface towpath creation.
• Surface parallel finish towpath. 
• The drawing for the selected char in text edits command.

Ucancam V11 3D engraving software can help you do anything, such as:
- Light-box advertisement.
- Folding screen door.
- Make sign mark through Area Clearance.
- Insert and inlay.
- Image engraving and stripping.
- Relief, etc.
You can develop your creation by this software; it can make your dream come true!
Operation system: Windows2000/XP, Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium II, 300 or above, or same-level CPU, (preferable P4 2.4G or above)
RAM: 128MB or above, preferable 256MB
Hard disk: 500M
Monitor display: resolution 800 x 600, 256 colors, preferable 1024 x 768, true color
CD drive: CD-ROM/DVD driver
Port: available with Mouse port and USB 2.0 port

File formats supported


File formats supported:

import the Iges,Stl,Obj file

Standard surfaces creation

Standard surfaces creation
Plane, sphere, cylinder, cone, ellipsoid, torus

Free surfaces creation


Free surfaces creation

Loft, rule, sweep along a path with edge matching, sweep along two rail curves with edge continuity, revolve,blend, patch.

Surfaces edit

Surfaces edit

Chamfer, fillet, extend, trim, untrim, split surface by isoparams
3D Curve creation and edit

3D Curve creation and edit
2D curve can be converted into 3D curve, then you can drag and edit the node of the curve in 3D view, so that to modify the shape of the curve.
Equation Curve

Equation Curve
The software can automatically generate the curve described in the equation
like this:
X=fx(t)      R=r(t)
Y=fy(t)      or       θ=theta(t)
Z=fz(t)                Z=Z(t)
Automatic Nesting

Automatic Nesting
Automatic Nesting can improve material utilization by re-arranging texts, graphics. Its automatic and fast publishing can save us lots of material. Parameters can be set , such as kerf width, cutting margin compensation , multiple blank nesting mode, and the precise calculation, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

Interactive Nesting

Interactive Nesting
After setting the parameters of kerf width, cutting margin compensation and Iteration count; You can automatic nest the parts, and then you can reselect this parts, and manually nest the parts, user-interactive postioning the parts, dragging, rotating and mirroring.this function support drag, drop and bump features.


Geometry constraint and dimension constraint.

Toolpath Project Machining

Toolpath Project Machining
Toolpath projection onto a complex surface, to complete engraving of text, graphics on surfaces. During projection ,the original relative height
can be kept.

Surface Rough Machining--Parallel

Surface Rough Machining--Parallel
Rough machining is for making the general work pieces through rapid removal of excess materials. Rough machining tries to achieve the maximum cutting efficiency while considering the actual situation like blank shape, workpiece shape, machining materials, machining conditions. During the machining, Rough milling can be layered, support equal cutting technology and control machining allowance.

Surface Rough Machining--Plunge

Surface Rough Machining--Plunge
Rough Plunge create drilling-type tool motions for the fast removal of high volumes of material. This procedure is an economical way of deep machining cores, cavities, high shoulder slots and straight or sloped walls.This is a High Efficiency Cutting (HEC) procedure. Plunge mills transfer cutting forces axially, minimizing vibration and deflection.

Surface Finish Machining--Parallel

Surface Finish Machining--Parallel

Surface Milling often makes finish parallel machining with Ball Nose. Parallel machining means the toolpath is parallel.Toolpath machines the entire surface through parallels. The linear cutting machining can be done in any direction or of any angles, but all the surface machining toolpaths must be parallel. In most cases, parallel toolpaths can cut out the best surface.
Surface Finish Machining--Contour

Surface Finish Machining--Contour
Finish Contour machining can promote the machining speed in the same horizontal plane with Z-axis invariable. Besides, partial contour can also be carried out via limiting the machining range and depth. Toolpath is fitted into arc which reduces the G-codes and improves machining efficiency. This is mainly used for high-speed milling machines.
Surface Finish Machining--Emit

Surface Finish Machining--Emit
Machining Simulation

Machining Simulation

Machining Simulation of milling process can be a true representation. Material texture can be set. 


Straight Texture

Straight Texture
Straight texture can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals and undulating lines.

Curvilinear Teture


Curvilinear Teture

Curvilinear texture can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals, sample lines and base lines.

Straight Wave

Straight Wave
Straight Wave can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals, sample lines, base lines, and wave angles.
Curvilinear Wave

Curvilinear Wave
Curvilinear Wave can be directly generated ,by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes,toolpath intervals, wave angles, fold height, sample lines and base lines.
Silk texture

Silk texture
Hair-shaped effects can be achieved through the silk texture machining on regular or irregular, scattered or disorderly straight lines and curveilinear lines in three ways: middle wider,start wider and end wider.
Fan texture

Fan texture
Straight Wave

Fan texture

Fan texture
Curve Wave
Texture trimming

Texture trimming
Designed texts and graphics can be cut out from the generated wave board toolpath.This enables waveboard to integrate with other carving patterns.

1. Double click the "wtSetup.exe" of the CD files, when the dialog boxes present, click "OK" or "next" to all. After installation, you can use a "Ucancam" shortcut icon on your desktop.
2. Insert the USB dongle in the USB port.
3. Double click "Ucancam" icon on your desktop, you can run the software.
4. For more help, olease refer to the help(by pressing F1) in Ucancam. 

1. Lead in\lead out error in profile toolpath.
2. Spline error in dxf import. 

Ucancam V10 Pro Version CNC Engraving Software application


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