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Ucancam V10 Waveboard Software(Waveboard Version) for CNC Router
  • Ucancam V10 Waveboard Software(Waveboard Version) for CNC Router

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Ucancam V10 Waveboard Software(Waveboard Version) for CNC Router



  • FOB Price : $309.00 - 352.00/pc   (Discount Notice)

  • Wholesale Price :
    • Quantity (pcs) Discount Amount/pc
      1. 1 0% $352.00
      2. 2 5% $334.00
      3. 3 9% $320.00
      4. 4 - 5 12% $309.00
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  • Quantity: pc(s) Total Cost: USD $352.00
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lb (0.25kg) freightFreight

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• 3D waveboard, a new type of decoration material, is becoming the mainstream material in decoration industry for the fashion and elegance it creates.
• Ucancam Waveboard = Ucancam Standard Version + Parametric + Waveboard 
• Waveboard is made from MDF boards, and wave-shaped drawings are made on the surface through computers. Its surface is processed with paints, metal-plating. The back of wave boards is treated with polyethylene to prevent moisture and deformation, ensuring high rigidity, durability, adhesiveness and long service life. MDF board is made from fiber board, which is sound absorptive, and it is widely used in shopping malls, villas, conference rooms, interior decoration, etc.
• Various artistic effects can be achieved through different treatment of MDF boards. Through Ucancam V9 waveboard software, such existing wave board designs as lines, curves, waves,fans can be created on MDF boards; users can also create original and unique designs with Ucancam V9.
• In addition, characters or graphs can be cut on finished wave boards to meet users' special requirements. 

New feature: 
• Support Python script to develop ucacnam.you can use Python to create your application. 
• Firstly release 64 bit Ucancam,  the installation file include 32 bit ucancam version and 64 bit ucancam version, which can install the compatible version according your PC OS version(32/64 bit) .   
• Set the background color of window.
• In 3 points circle creation,add the method(point, point, tangent)circle, (point, tangent, tangent)circle, (tangent, tangent, tangent)circle. 
• The toolpath is associated with the drawing.  
When the position or shap of drawing are changed, double click the toolpath to regenerate the toolpath. 
• Modify thetoolpath name:
       1) toolpath attribute dialog in design central. 
       2) toolpath export dialog. 
• Add the button "copy","cut", "paste" in text popup menu. 
• Add the oscillation option in profile toolpath--adding oscillation in the Z axis along your contour toolpaths,uses more of the cutting length of the tool, and can reduce tool wear in that axis. This is especially useful when cutting thinner materials or laminated materials such as kitchen counter tops.
• The toolpath regeneration. 
• Add two tool type--drill tool and tape ball tool. 
• Surface finish toolpath: emit finish. 
• Dynamicly drag text on curve.  
• The toolpath can be mirrored, rotated. 

• The display video system: make it faster, and eliminates flicker.
• "Replace" in text edit: when there are selections, replace text in selection; if no selection ,replace text for all. 
• Auto Nesting: when the part can not be put in the sheet, the part will be not moved to avoid the contact with other part. 
• The faster speed for surface toolpath creation.




Geometry constraint and dimension constraint.

Straight Texture

Straight Texture
Straight texture can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals and undulating lines.

Curvilinear Teture


Curvilinear Teture

Curvilinear texture can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals, sample lines and base lines.

Straight Wave

Straight Wave
Straight Wave can be directly generated by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes, toolpath intervals, sample lines, base lines, and wave angles.
Curvilinear Wave

Curvilinear Wave
Curvilinear Wave can be directly generated ,by selecting different tools and by setting texture sizes,toolpath intervals, wave angles, fold height, sample lines and base lines.
Silk texture

Silk texture
Hair-shaped effects can be achieved through the silk texture machining on regular or irregular, scattered or disorderly straight lines and curveilinear lines in three ways: middle wider,start wider and end wider.
Fan texture

Fan texture
Straight Wave

Fan texture

Fan texture
Curve Wave
Texture trimming

Texture trimming
Designed texts and graphics can be cut out from the generated wave board toolpath.This enables waveboard to integrate with other carving patterns. 

1.Double click the "wtSetup.exe" of the CD files, when the dialog boxes present, click "OK" or "next" to all. After installation, you can use a "Ucancam" shortcut icon on your desktop.
2.Insert the USB dongle in the USB port.
3.Double click "Ucancam" icon on your desktop, you can run the software.
4.For more help, olease refer to the help(by pressing F1) in Ucancam. 

1.Lead in\lead out error in profile toolpath.
2.Spline error in dxf import. 

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Ucancam V10 Waveboard Software(Waveboard Version) for CNC Router

Ucancam V10 Waveboard Software(Waveboard Version) for CNC Router

$309.00 - 352.00/pc

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