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51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor
  • 51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor

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51" x 35" 1390 2 Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor

With Electric Up and Down Lifting Table, Rotary Fixture, 130W Laser Tube and Servo Motor. We support Spare Part - FDA - Warranty 2 years

Item Code:LCM-CM1309DHC-130W

Buyer Protection

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American customers can take a look at the machine in USA.
Double Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, Servo Motor

Large worktable (51" x 35"x 10") and rear pass-thru allows easy the loading of materials such as bulk rolls or full 4’ x 8’ or 4’x10’ sheets.
Reason why we can offer you the most convenient price of the market, two years of the best warranty and the faster shipping of any spare part and technical support, free for life.
The high quality, RELIABILITY AND PROFITABILITY of our CM1309DHC is supported by our Research and Development Department with more than 30 expert engineers, masters and doctors in physics and electronic sciences of the laser technology and manufactured in accordance with the programs QB / T1700-2001 and ISO9001: 2000.
With two laser tubes of 130 Watts each, this laser engraving and cutting machine is the best if you need high quality and high speed cutting and engraving on an area of 51 x 35 inches. Also, it can engrave pieces until 20 inches of height or cylindrical surfaces until 9 inches of diameter. This laser machine is double faster than others similar in the market.

Main Configuration

Maximum Working Area: 51" x 35" (1300mm x 900mm)  
Cutting Speed: 0 – 584mm / s (0 – 23IPS) (Depending the material to cut)
Engraving Speed: 0 – 1066mm /s (0 – 42IPS) (Depending the material to engrave)
Laser Power: 130W(Designing lifespan is 10,000 hours and the warranty is 6 months)
Max. Cutting Thickness (Acrylic): 3/4 inches or more (0-25mm) (Depending the material to cut and the power and laser lens) 
Resolution: Up to 4000DPI (The regular use is between 600DPI and 2000DPI) 
Minimum Configuration: Characters 0.07" x 0.07" (2mm x 2mm) and letters 0.039" x 0.039" (1mm x 1mm) 
Precision Tolerance: 0.00039" (0.01mm)
Power Supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption: <1250 Watts
With Electric Up and Down Lifting Table, Rotary Fixture, 130W Tube and Servo Motor

• 51" x 35" (1300mm x 900mm) working area
• Up to 42IPS high working speed
• Laminated Safety Glass, glass viewing windows creating a safe enclosure for laser processing. 
• Adopts the super fine cutting technology, which has features of extensive material processing, smooth cutting edge and burr-free, avoid polishing, processing high speed, high precision.
• Adopt high precision equilibrium linear guide, more stable, stepper motor is in high-end applications.
• Pass - through front and rear doors to accommodate long working pieces. 
• The laser cutter machine is equipped with two high quality CW5200 water chillers.
• Plug and play standard USB port for rapid data transmission.
Neat working environment, The working process is clean, quiet with least waste of material.details
1. The Most Profitable Work Area
Two worktable sets 51" x 35" x 10" are included:
(1) Honeycomb to cut thinnest material (fabric, leather and paper, etc.) 
(2) Stripped to cut hard and inflammable materials (acrylic, wood and foam, etc.) and getting the cleanest edge cut.
The Up / Down work table can fit pieces of 10" deep. Also, you can remove both worktable and reaching 20" deep. It is powered by two motor up / down worktable with speed control, it can load 200 pound.

Effective work area: 51 x 35 x 10 inches.
Double Heads Laser Engraving and Cutting System, with Electric Up and Down Lifting Table
2. Two Laser Tubes
Laser tube 130W RC - KT: Real power to cut until 1" -1.18" (30 mm.) thick acrylic - more than any other laser machine - and taking in advantage the high speed of servo motors, you can get the double of production than other laser machines of one head.
Our laser tube 130W RC - KT is manufactured by us and our technology to get until 10,000 working hours and the replacement is just about $800.00; this means you are paying just $0.62 per Kilowatts by hour, better than any other.
Emits a perfect laser beam. Easier alignment system, the laser tube lies up on stable and adjustable stands.
Protection system to avoid sparks better than others.

3.Two Large Worktable - Motorized Up/Down X:51” - Y:35” - Z:10"Taking advantage of its intelligent Japanese SERVO MOTORS and POWERFULL TWO LASER TUBES OF 130W each, this is the best laser machine for cutting and engraving on high quality and high speed on 51“ x 35“ effective work area, its motorized up/down worktable allows placing pieces up to 10". Also, its rotary attachment can engrave cylindrical surfaces until 8" of diameter. Its technology and power guarantee making cuts up to 1+1/4” (30 mm.) acrylic in single pass… better and faster than others similar in the market.

ROTARY ATTACHMENT - head with clamping grippers - system to engrave curve surfaces until 8” diameter… better and faster than others similar in the market. REAR PASS THROUGH WINDOW to work with whole sheet of acrylic, MDF, foam, wood, plywood, etc. – as well as bulk rolls of fabric, leather, cardboard, etc…

AMPLE TWO WORK TABLE sets X:51” Y:35” Z:10": One (1) honeycomb to cut thin material (fabric, paper…) and other (1) with thin strips metal to cut hard and inflammable materials (acrylic, wood, foam…). Gets the cleanest edge cut.

4. Two Laser Heads
Efficient transmission laser beam system: The perfect laser beam comes from the laser tube, the silicon mirrors reflect the 99% of the power and the American laser lens doesn't absorb power, allows the pass of energy focused in the point of work.

5. Software and Working Control
The CM1309DH communicates via it USB 2.0 port to a computer and its control software. Similar to outputting to a printer, this makes it easy to manage various parameters such as power, speed and resolution in order to achieve the desired results. The controller software is included at no additional charge.
Formats Supported by the Software
Supports practically all standard graphic design formats: bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, cad, tga, tiff, plt, cdr, dmg, dxf and dst.

6. Laser Head X-Y-Z Axis Positioning System 
Its Laser head positioning system is fast and extremely accurate thanks to its components. Its steel gantry rails and laser head movement system is made in Korea and its electronic controller motors are made in Japan. 

7. Light Path System 

Our laser machine has an American optics system that optimizes the focus and efficient of the laser beam on materials, allowing it to produce fine cuts or deep engravings, depending on your requirements.
This laser lens doesn’t absorb power and can last for more time than others.

8. Electronic Chiller Included
Highly efficient with only minimal maintenance, the included TWO CW5200 ELECTRONIC CHILLER regulates and controls the laser tubes temperature in the while in operation.

9. Exhaust Blower and Tube Included

Various materials release small amounts of fumes and gases in the engraving or cutting process. To extract these fumes and gases, our CM1309 comes equipped with one exhaust system and 12 feet (4 meters) of adjustable ventilation duct tubing to be installed when the machine is being operated inside a small and enclosed area.

10. Air Assist System

This equipment comes equipped with one air compressors fix inside of machine to feed the air assist system to clear smoke & debris from the work area, cool and protect the Laser Head focusing lens, diminish the amount of flaming, scorching, charring from the work piece, and reduce the chances of ignition when it is working with flammable materials.

11. Emergency Stop Button and Safety Sensors

An easy-to-use multilingual LCD Control Panel is incorporated as well as Potentiometers to regulate the laser tubes output, laser beam activator button.
Our laser machines are equipped with security sensors and safety features disabling the equipment in case of inappropriate use or unsafe operational conditions, as well as the ability for the machine operator to IMMEDIATELY and completely shut down the entire machine in the event such a situation or circumstances arise.

Compare with the common laser engraver and cutter, CM-1309DH has more advantages as bellow:

LCM-CM1309DH Common Machine
Laser head: Enclosed Laser head: Unenclosed
Guide rail: High precision equilibrium linear guide rail imported from Korea Guide rail: Chinese quality common aluminum guide rail

1. Signs, Awards and Trophies, Furniture and Frame, Cabinets, Engineering and Architecture, Custom Crates.

2. Two 130W laser tubes and servo motors to get faster and better cutting and engraving: Acrylic, Plastics, Wood, Plywood, MDF, Foam, Cardboard.

3. Textile and Apparel, Shoes and Leather, Labels Manufacturing, Arts, Printing.
Servo motors to get precision, transmission system of laser beam: Silicon mirrors 99% reflection, lens from the US for a clean cutting and engraving: Leather and Chamois, Any Fabric, Push, Tulle, Laserable Metal.


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