how to make a slim light box

LED light box simple method of making electronic
1, the production: use of acrylic sheet, plastic sheet, or other insulating material, I use a black aluminum plate 2.5mm double majority. To be done first with the word engraved on one side of paper plastic good, good size attached to the cut aluminum plate, or engraving machine with a drill hole play (pitch according to the size of the word, a general from the 10-15mm), the size of the hole diameter of 5mm can not be too much. F5 spotlight to do with words is the best pitch is greater than 15mm, because we try glance. If the oval with 546 lights, pitch can be controlled at between 20-10mm, the closer the better.
2, connected in series: the LED by + – + -,……+ -, + – series solder, resulting in a positive (to make a mark A +) and a negative (to make a mark K-). Lamp legs need tin solder connections can also be twisted together and then welded. Do keep in mind: Be sure to welding. Because the LED legs of iron, silver, a current is passed quickly once the moisture will rust, light boxes will cause problems, not a small sale will give trouble. expired domains . The piece is now a lot of light
With Siamese lights can save a lot of time to improve production efficiency, but only 20 lights in each row, welding is unavoidable.
Note: LED long pin for “+” (positive) pole, short pin “-” (negative) pole.
3, group (string): not more than the schedule in accordance with various colors of LEDs can be the maximum number of points in series strings, each string of red LED if no more than 120. The reason is simple, the controller output is 210V DC about the red light of the operating voltage is around 2V, that each LED lights through a step-down 2V, LED if too many, then the controller’s output voltage reach the light string voltage required to work when the light string will not light, or too dark.
Note: Schedule add “*” are not recommended for use when approaching or exceeding the number of LED in series with a “*” is the number of time, lead to circuit instability, should be divided into two strings or more string for parallel connected as a group.
4, resistors in series: Schedule the number of the appropriate number of resistors in series with each string of LEDs, the resistance of non-positive and negative points, and can be in series to the LED string in between any two light-emitting tube. String wires needed to connect the wire at the time and effort province.
Note: Due to different batch and model, serial number and specific resistance value depends on current, the above parameters are for reference only.
LED current of each branch is best to adjust the 19ma ± 1ma, resistance selection 1k/2w, such as 5k, you can use five resistance of 1,000 ohms, the power of 2W resistor in series connection.
5, connect the controller: each string of LED’s anode access controller positive (red) side, each LED of the negative anode Access Controller (Green Line) control side. Three yellow line is the water side of the lamp output lines, respectively, then three negative side lights. Side lights of the three main characters of the positive anode and welded together. Controller has a light output generally straight line, in the absence of light is required in the case, the lit lamp output line to cut or stick with the glue stick better, and the cathode circuit to prevent damage to the controller.
6, debug: connection is correct, will be lit after power up, a simple method of measuring current, DC voltage profile with a multimeter, measure one 1K/2W resistor voltage is about 15-20V (preferably less than 18V), 20V out to add a resistor after the measurement, up to normal.
To facilitate debugging measure, the pattern can be set to debug the controller state and time-lapse interval of state, then the controller output for the large proportion of long light, short off state. Current controller has direct light output, constant current is conducive to accurate measurement of the resistance of the voltage.
7 Maintenance: If you do not shine, with a multimeter DC 250V files, black pen then the Green Line, the red pen then the red line, if instructed beating or 200-220V, of the controller to normal; black pen does not move, the red pen in turn measured every one led the voltage across an LED if the voltage difference between two very large feet or no voltage, indicating that the LED is damaged, replace and try again.
8, the light box assembly: I introduced a cheap way, with the high cost of aluminum is certainly beautiful but I do not use. Materials: 2 *. mm wooden keel and 2 .* mm aluminum angle (90 °), these materials are generally decorative materials market. Not elaborate on the specific production methods,
9, mind matters: Customers often ask why a new entry green and blue light is very easy for the bad, in fact, not because most of the light quality problems, but novice welding technology has not completely mastered, welding is not smooth, too long damage caused by LED lights, which need to improve the welding technology and speed to avoid. There is a static reasons, green and blue lights afraid of static electricity, our body and the soldering iron there is static electricity, so they need anti-static wrist band (I is complimentary to the customer), conditions can be anti-static soldering iron. There is the optional LED light quality lousy why. Buy LED light box all accessories, need to select the major manufacturers of goods, selection of partners to choose a good seller reputation

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