Multimedia interactive terminal adds vitality for digital signage

Influenced by the market, the momentum of digital signage market continue to grow, at present the domestic market is still in its infancy, but on a digital signage system application scale, this will set off a huge business opportunities at home, and attracts a lot of vendors promised the market actively. High quality multimedia interactive terminal innovation is embedded industrial computer on the application of a new breakthrough, will inject new vitality for the digital signage market and lead the new revolution of the digital signage market.

Domestic digital signage product core functionality is still focused on the distribution of media content management, not involving the effect of monitoring, collecting, high-grade functions such as automatic intelligent scheduling. The personage inside course of study points out that the current situation shows that the application of digital signage system and import market is still in its infancy. But multimedia interactive terminal products injection gradually changed all that. Multimedia interactive terminal products into the application of fast track, gradually meet the complex scene information work of digital signage applications.

Refers to the so-called multimedia interactive terminal products in shopping malls, supermarket, restaurant, square, airports, subways, bus stations, financial institutions, and other people together in public places, through a terminal display device, release and query the information such as business, finance, entertainment professional multimedia audio-visual system platform. The manufacturer wants to occupy a place in the digital signage market, will face enormous challenges. Digital signage market opportunities and technological innovation is to promote the development of the industry. check domain free car rent language translate Vendor to long-term development in this market have to be independent innovation, seeking differentiation of technical strength.

Digital signage industry development trend presented features: one, by a fan to fan development; Second, from single to double show, reveals the trend of development; 3, gradually reduce the volume, by the fission to one; Four, application scenarios from stationary to the mobile, from indoor to outdoor; Five, the equipment application become more intelligent; Because of digital signage systems work need, the device must meet the mobile 24 hours work, low power consumption, low noise, smooth support high-definition video decoding and other technical functions and application features. This leads to only have professional computer control in the design basis of vendors to provide high quality multimedia switched terminal equipment.

Profound analysis about two big tumor in digital signage industry

Now there are many large and small digital signage manufacturers in China, product quality, price, service quality is differ. Service good, the brand products in the high expensive, relatively cheaper price and there is a gap in such aspects as product quality and service. Two big tumor: the imperfect market mechanism and lack of self-discipline hold the wind, seriously hindered the normal and orderly development of digital signage industry.

Most of the digital signage industry brand development path, is not very clear from the start, more is in the process of continuously participate in market competition found, adjustment and correction. The establishment of a core value advantage, is not without foundation, but based on advantages to the enterprise assets, market competition, the weak link, the interests of the consumer demand is not enough. In today’s digital signage industry development has been approaching maturity, full of beautiful things in all kinds of products, can be developed, almost can imagine and innovation continues today, innovation is not only the appearance, more important is the innovation technology and function. Truly differentiated products become more and more difficult.

If just the big environment of economic factors LED to the digital signage industry slowdown, it is not that bad, but if it is a its mechanism appeared problem, so is fatal to the development of industry. In brand infighting, we have learned that, many manufacturers began to dispute the digital signage market big cake, which means “sales first, compete for customers” as the digital signage manufacturer needs to consider the question, then caused in daily sales, buy some businesses in order to achieve sales, regardless of the malicious competition brands, even for other brands for libel, and the industry to this phenomenon is helpless.

In fact, the digital signage industry disorderly competition also revealed a lack of self-discipline, digital signage industry due to the development time is not long, local brands and the lack of industry influential brand, so have to failed to form a digital signage industry as the main content of the relevant association or organization. Each brand is hard to have the opportunity to communicate with each other, between mutual action for industry development. “Shoddy, counterfeit famous brand” is the main performance of the fake, the more good products more easy to “shanzhai”, reason is very simple, at the beginning of the small company was established in the unknown and no money to spend the least amount of money to build the most powerful effect as they seek breakthrough target market. adsense account ban language translate Qingdao propaganda is bigger, high-profile manufacturers is a shortcut. From the survival environment, counterfeit behavior harm the interest of customers and enterprises at the same time, also let the market more chaos.

Analysis of advertising machine product characteristics and industry profitability

Advertising machine besides can scroll picture, more can show more information, low cost of general advertising machine has advantages, has its unique advantages, namely, every picture in playback at the same time can play matching sound, can have the effect of television advertising, some still has a perfect sound and light alarm system. Raise the utilization rate of advertising advertising function; Persisting AD featured more, reduce advertising costs can be alternating display waterproof, sunscreen, corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of different situations.

Economies of scale to strengthen exchanges with foreign enterprises, the introduction of foreign competition, to be able to help our advertising machine industry as a masterpiece, but we and the foreign enterprises in the financial strength, operating ability and capital operation skill gap is quite obvious. Therefore, advertising machine enterprises in China have reached a consensus: in the competition with foreign enterprises, fight alone, difficult to long-term development, but the joint, the scale development road, coupled with our starters, born local advantage, can truly benefit from the wave of globalization. At the same time, the economy of scale contribute to brand building and promotion. parental locks cheap hotels Scale tend to be capital strength, product profitability, credibility and appeal, that is the case, who is responsible for the enterprise has a certain scale strength, often is the guide of public opinion, fashion enabler. They also tend to pay more attention to news of the quality of the products and services, more focused on their own enterprise culture shape, more cautious to fulfill social responsibility and commitment.

Now, advertising vendors’ technology constantly changes in China, the current store ads broadcast widely used machine for local playback mode, management inconvenience, spread information content and less targeted poor, already can not adapt to market the special requirements of information transmission. In order to better explore the market potential, to digital, networked broadcast system to replace the current way of local broadcast advertising machine will be building television industry development inevitable trend. The release mode of diversification, real-time and intelligent, humane management platform, revolutionary fuel injection will give this emerging industry, promote the building television advertising industry advanced towards a new height.

Advertising machine can reduce the delivery cost is less than 50% of the advertising enterprises, improve advertisers release media space and economic benefits by more than 50%.

3D printing will create a new era of manufacturing industry

3D printing, for many people, can say is a familiar word, in its present situation and the future situation, however, do you understand?

1, 3 d has been in rapid growth of the industry

In 1987, 3 dsystem company use three-dimensional graphic printing technology successfully developed the first Taiwanese SLA – 1 with 3 d printing equipment. Since more than 20 years, 3 d printing industry of the size of the market has maintained a high growth rate.

2, 3 d printing cost declining, software easier to use, more complicated design ability

3D printer does not need to use paper and ink, but through the electronic cartography, remote data transmission, laser scanning, melt materials, a series of technologies such as the specific material melting metal powder or memory, and in accordance with the instruction of the electronic model diagram layers to add up, finally put the electronic diagram into a physical model. This process greatly save industrial sample production time. In addition, the intelligent mode of operation, precision of computer data, make 3 d printing is not bound by the human completely and truly intelligent printing.

3, 3 d printing services revenue accounts for more than 3 d equipment sales

According to Wallace tongren consulting company President terry Wallace said, 3 d printing products and services in 2011 sales of $1.7 billion, and accounted for almost a quarter of parts production. By 2019, the industry’s revenue will reach $6.9 billion, including parts manufacturing is expected to be 80%.

4, the direct metal forming laser melting technology rapid development, especially constituency molding material has stainless steel, tool steel, titanium alloy, nickel-based high-temperature alloy, and other common metal materials.

5, the applications of spray forming technology in the 3 d printer to mature

3 d printer on the injection molding technology of mature, making it the spray head on the forming precision of laser forming, is close to obvious advantages in forming size and efficiency, market is rapidly expanding.

6, the forming efficiency and the precision of 3 d printing general improvement

Such as SLS laser scanning speed can reach up to 10 m/s, the precision of the SLM is 0.02 mm, and as Shanghai printing show up! 3 d printer, the error of the value of 0.02 mm at most.

7, the mature of the 3 d printing

At present, with the mature of 3 d printing technology, the application scope of 3 d printing is also gradually expanded, the market also gradually began to subdivide, to develop in the direction of the special equipment, such as false teeth forming machine, jewelry molding machine, sand machine, etc.

8, Mr Obama included 3 d printing in priority to the development of manufacturing technology in the United States, rose to national strategic level

U.S. President barack Obama said in his state of the union address, plans to build a nationwide network contains 15 manufacturing innovation center, wants to concentrate on the 3 d printing and gene mapping and other emerging technologies. At the same time, he also mentions the national increase in young new material manufacturing innovation, the innovation center funded by the federal government, and get the help of 60 universities and enterprises. The centre’s purpose is to study how to use 3 d printing technology to improve the U.S. manufacturing sector. Thus, President barack Obama for the 3 d market and development trends in the future with high expectations.

9, 3d printing will be included in the 863 plan of China

Before and after the April this year, the ministry of science and technology announced the national high technology research and development program (863 program), national science and technology support plan manufacturing 2014 annual project options guide, closely watched 3 d printing industry was selected for the first time. The measure, and reflects the importance of national level.

Conclusion: 3 d printing, in just a few years, gradually became a with hot technology, we can’t move decisively to imagine the future of 3 d printing, but can’t be ignored is that it brought about by the individual manufacturing innovation such as revolutionary as the Internet, smart phones, the continuation of spring, is rapidly into and gradually changing our life, whether it is a favorable factors of status quo and future data to predict or is it the government’s support, it seems to be showing a trend – 3 d printing will have a more rapid development, thus to further create a new era of manufacturing industry.

Digital printing technology marches into label printing area to meet the new change

If someone asked: “now in the printing industry, which technology is the hottest ?” Believe that there are 90 out of 100 people answer would be “digital printing”. Printing and digital printing application has fast printing area, now, in these two fields, become mainstream printing digital printing has replaced the offset printing technology. And in the field of commercial printing, books and periodicals printing and packaging printing, digital printing are also spread quickly, grab belong to traditional printing market share. Now, began to enter the label printing market for digital printing, just finished the 8th Beijing international printing technology exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2013) on display at some specifically for label printing digital printing equipment, confirm the development of this trend. Exhibition, exhibition exhibited many overseas manufacturers label printing, among them, especially in the HP and epson two have attracted the most attention. HP and epson, an electronic ink technology, a used inkjet technology, two enterprises advantage is different but closely watched is consistent, maybe it also hints that the electrostatic inkjet and the two mainstream digital printing technology will coexist on for a long time.

For the label printing enterprises in China, foreign equipment is very good, but the foreign equipment is very expensive. In addition to some powerful foreign companies and listed companies, for the vast majority of domestic label printing businesses, really can accept it or domestic equipment. CHINA PRINT 2013 exhibition, the most attention of the Chinese digital label printing equipment manufacturers mainly has three, one is located in the E1 museum, President of hua printing technology co., LTD., is located in E2 hall of Beijing Peking University founder electronics co., LTD., the other is W2 hall of weifang eastern printing technology co., LTD.

In addition to the above three companies, there are many domestic manufacturers to provide label printing companies printing system, but the equipment is not in the true sense of manufacturing equipment, so do not focus on here. In addition, domestic Beijing jie, leopard machinery companies such as gucci group, sun, also had to give their services for label printing in the field of digital printing machine, but the participation, the sun machinery exhibited no digital printing equipment, because the other two failed to visit, so cannot give introduction and evaluation.

In addition to digital printing, label printing in the field of digital processing technology, the other is also gradually emerges. : guanhua in CHINA PRINT 2013 exhibition, exhibition display label laser die cutting system, hua guang jinggong flexible/resin version version of the CTP plate-making system, President of hua exhibition of digital flexo plate, etc., are for the benefit of the label printing firm now digitized and launch the product. The traditional printing and digital processing, and digital printing, together constitute the main channel of the digitized label printing technology. Along with the launch of these techniques, label printing processing technology, is welcoming a new change.

The export situation of the LED screen in our country

Usually, in the process of export, foreign buyers and trading between LED screen supplier in China often there are many difference in culture and ideas, such as in the quotation sheet and fill in the product description in both sides communicate often. Thus, our LED screen supplier does need to be perfected in details, in addition, in the export trade should enhance quality control consciousness, ensure product quality; Strengthening the information gathering and mastering the importer of import goods quality request, master not in time to avoid information loss; Also, improve the legal consciousness, pay attention to trade contracts signed, clear quality standards, distinguish responsibility, especially a return of the goods when take responsibility of cost, etc.

As success in the important activity events, LED screen manufacturer in China has accumulated a wealth of engineering experience, and constantly improve the technology level, with foreign big companies is gradually narrowing the gap between, in the future, this advantage will become more prominent, the domestic LED product is more likely to own brand image in the international market to participate in the competition.

Secondly, the domestic LED enterprises after transformation and upgrading, a handful of leading companies relying on capital, scale, technology and brand advantages to readjust industrial structure, establish themselves in the field of specific market segments differentiated competitive advantage. Part of enterprises to export absolute advantage occupation list, of the total export business and high-end LED will become the main profit contributors.

In short, China’s export business of LED screen is an important content of LED display industry, not only related to the vital interests of enterprise, and affect the entire industry’s international competitiveness. At present, due to various conditionality problems of industrial development, the export business has also been a certain influence, and the international economic environment is not ideal also brings a certain impact on display exports. Therefore, our country LED export business needs from various aspects comprehensive consideration and make a strategic adjustment, to maintain steady growth in export scale and substantial production profits.

Market development prospect of color digital printing is considerable

According to the statistical data shows that the printing industry, after hit from the financial crisis in 2008, the United States the development of the printing industry is low. According to data released by the us bureau of labor statistics, from 2000 to 2012, the United States have tumbled in printing enterprise quantity, reduced from the original 39035 to 27977.

Printing equipment and consumables markets, in 2012 the United States printing equipment industry output value of about $450 million, compared with $2007 in 1.6 billion, down nearly 72%. Digital printing industrial production has gradually started to rise since 2009. Increased from $1.1 billion to more than $13. In 2012 the United States printing equipment and printing supplies the overall market value of about $2.5 billion, compared with 2007 peak of $4.174 billion declined by about 40%.

According to the American NAPL’s questionnaire survey industry status, color digital printing services will be the future 2-3 years the fastest growing way of printing, followed by the variable data digital printing way, double color and monochrome offset printing way at the bottom, at 1.2%.

However, IDTechEx companies in the United States, predicted that 3 d printing technology will also bring us printing new business opportunities, by 2019 the global 3 d printing income will be about $6.2 billion.


Improve the mechanism of market differentiation to develop digital signage

With the advent of the digital age, digital signage has from the traditional simple set of models began to highly specialized interactive displays, and has gradually formed a display device, player, system software and supporting services of professional suppliers dominate the market situation. Along with market competition intensifying and the improvement of customer demand, the function of digital signage also from originally told to interactive intelligent direction. For business users, the perfect digital signage system should be able to provide customers with tailor-made products and services information, thus to create greater profits for merchants.

In the present, the application of digital signage has exceeded foreign digital signage industry market, such as telecommunications, Banks, railways, airports and other industrial markets. And the number of domestic application situation not only has more than Europe and the United States, and development space is still huge. Some subway, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters and other places of people gathering specific digital signage industry is the backbone of the short or medium term market. Industry from the market research shows that no matter how big is the digital signage market at home and abroad the gap, the digital signage industry market has been in the push toward forming pattern. Combined with the domestic people more widely, the digital signage industry market size will be more than any other independent market as a whole.

Compared with the maturity of digital signage industry abroad, the domestic digital signage industry the main gap in technology level. Especially some new lines of domestic enterprises, the overall technology level significantly lags behind that of foreign markets. However, the development of the domestic market is based on foreign market experience, overseas with the application of pattern even if there is no case to follow at home, it has been a lot of import as “concept” in the development of enterprises and products, software research and development direction. But the transition from traditional sign platform media to digital signage media is difficult, if there is an open platform for the industry, the platform not only for certain user personality and specific enterprise service, but an open platform.

Its openness not only embodies in the industry to provide media distribution service oriented concept, also reflected in the information terminal and open environment, can with the original media manufacturers form strategic alliances, help domestic digital signage industry by crossover network to realize the innovation of digital signage product. At present, the digital signage market hidden opportunities is the absolute principle to promote the development of the industry, and promote the industry’s technological innovation. Vendors in this market long-term development must have innovation, since the soil for differentiation of technical strength.

This shows the development of any industry, therefore, all need the support of market mechanism and industry development force, if the more chaotic, unsound market mechanism, even a highly development potential of the market is still not escape the risk of decline. Manufacturers attempt to build a sound market mechanism, industry development and support of industry innovation ability, will greatly promote the development of digital signage industry.

Chinese stones engravers enhance its reliability for conquering the market

In recent years, China’s stone carving machine manufacturing enterprises to implement reliability technology, domestic machine tool reliability level in steady growth, but compared with similar products in the developed countries, gap is still obvious. CNC stone engraving machine machine tool industry of our country of the user, not the main reason of homebred stone engraving machine of choose and buy is the reliability of the product can not meet the requirement of the user.

Stone carving machine market competition competition is mainly the reliability of the product, can occupy the market is a key to survival and development of numerical control equipment industry in China. Particularly in the imports rising situation, improving the reliability of the products on domestic nc equipment in the international market competition, promote the development of national industry is particularly significant.

Reliability of CNC stone engraving machine product is to use and field exposed during the operation of the quality of the property, product use due to the time factor and environmental factor, without the use of the product can’t really judge its reliability level. Improve reliability, CNC stone engraving machine is to reduce or avoid various faults occurred in the working process of the product.

In many cases, domestic CNC stone engraving machine, outstanding issues that affect product reliability, is often manufacture process, assembly process, fittings and the selection of purchased parts and early failure did not eliminate, accounted for a large proportion of failure.

Emphasizes the reliability test method, strengthen product manufacture process, assembly process, fittings, and purchased components procurement and early fault elimination process reliability assurance measures, implementation of systems engineering, in order to achieve the reliability of CNC machine tool product promotion.

EPSON “Sure Color™” series appeared on Beijing 2013 wallpaper expo

2013 China (Beijing) international exhibition of wallpaper cloth household soft adornment in the March 7 to 10 in new Beijing, new China international exhibition center held successfully. The epson in E3 – C08A booth SC – S series products personalized wall painting solutions become a highlight in the exhibition. Epson micro spray pictorial machine with its output personalized wall paintings is more stable, high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection, the characteristics of personalized wall picture for wallpaper industry output provides a better choice, won the consistent high praise.

According to introduction, epson micro pictorial machine™ is used all three pictorial “micro spray ®” technology, which use epson TFP micro piezo print head. Epson SureColor S30680 and Epson SureColor S50680 using “live color GS2″ weak solvent ink environmental protection, Epson SureColor S70680 using “live color GSX” environmental protection weak solvent ink. By these three micro spray pictorial machine ™ output personalized wall paint color stability, light resistance, waterproof, stronger antioxidant properties, which will last much longer and not fade discoloration.

Personalized wall painting is closely related to people’s lives, the environmental protection directly about personal health. Epson GS2 “living color” and “living color GSX” environmental protection weak solvent ink completely removed had cancer as with nickel element to human body, achieve the Nordic swan environmental protection system certification standards, to use the ink for the output of personalized wall painting truly non-toxic tasteless, and harmless to the environment.

Epson with this wallpaper cloth art exhibition shows wallpaper industry its personalized wall painting solution, spray the S series large-format photo machine ™ Epson SureColor S30680, Epson SureColor S50680, Epson SureColor S70680 won highly evaluation, will provide the wallpaper enterprises improve their competitiveness in the personalized wall painting business to provide strong support.